Moments in TV | The Good Place (I)

The Good Place | Season 1, Episode 3: Tahani Al-Jamil


Moments in TV | The Alienist (I)

The Alienist (season 1, episode 1 – The Boy on the Bridge)


Moments in TV | Wolf Hall (2015)

Τάδε έφη Thomas Cromwell και Mary Boleyn για την Ann Boleyn στο αγαπημένο Wolf Hall.


source:  The Not Dead Freds

Moments in TV | The Affair

Sometimes I kind of take a giant step back into myself and watch everyone else go by. Like from a window high above. I felt like I could see so clearly from up there, the way a crowd of people swelled and thinned, ebbed one way and then changed direction, like the tide. It made me feel better, being so far away from everyone else. For a moment, I was safe.

– Alison Lockhart, The Affair


*Η 4η σαιζόν θα προβληθεί στις αρχές του 2018.

Moments in TV | Bojack Horseman (season 4)

Bojack Horseman | Commence Fracking (s04e04)

The One where Bojack Horseman met How I Met Your Mother.