Words | globe·trot·ter



a person who travels regularly or frequently to countries all over the world.

Words | Pluviophile

pluviophile: (noun) A pluviophile is defined as a lover of the rain. They revel in the smell of the wet streets and grass, the sound of raindrops hitting the window, and the scenery of the sky. They find the grayness of the sky and the atmosphere both peaceful and beautiful.

Words | Dalliance

The Great Gatsby (2013)

— (noun) As one of the most beautiful words in the English dictionary, dalliance is defined as a brief love affair, a flirtation or a fleeting love. A dalliance also has connotations of amorous toying, example flirting without mindfulness and stringing a person along. Inevitably, Gatsby’s ephemeral relationship with Daisy in The Great Gatsby comes forth in our mind. Though the word dalliance is delicately beautiful, its meaning is quite bittersweet; Daisy’s selfish, coquettish nature led to Gatsby’s demise. What we have learned is that a dalliance with the presence of unrequited love is lethal.